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IMD & OMD Decorative Film Technology

(Insert Thermoforming-film toMolding)


IMD / In-Mold Decoration

IMD (In-Mold Decoration) is also known as in-mold decorative inlay injection molding technology. It's a decorative technique that adheres or transfers decorative film simultaneously during injection molding. 

OMD / Out-Mold Decoration

OMD (Out-Mold Decoration) is a decorative technique that transfers printing or overlaying pattern designs directly to perform on plastic surfaces by using high/medium/low pressure + vacuum transfer.

ET Film

In-Mold Combination: Pattern designs are printed on the specific material. In the production process, 
ET film is placed above the mold to be formed at one time and achieve the desired surface effect.

Film Patterns

Printed films have different pattern designs to enhance aesthetic values, and give gorgeous appearances on products.


About OMD(Out Mold Decoration)

OMD (Out-Mold Decoration) is also known as high pressure transfer.
OMD is divided into two types according to different process. OMR (Out Mold Release) and OMF (Out Mold Forming).

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