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ET film: Different from the INS process, ET film is to print the selected pattern on the specific material. During the production process, the product can be completed at one time, and the desired pattern effect can be achieved on the surface of the product.The biggest production feature is that in the production process of in-mold molding, the traditional steps: spraying, printing, color painting, spraying bright paint and other processes can be concentrated into this process, and the product can be completed at one time.

It is a revolutionary product of modern production industry and an environmentally friendly product. Moreover, this product is an environmentally friendly substrate and is the star of the industry of tomorrow. If the industry can use this product as soon as possible, it will definitely seize the best opportunity for industrial development. Industrial pioneers are welcome Research and create the future with our company. Suitable material: PU European trim. Bicycle mat. The ABS plate is calendered and compounded. EVA. PU foam in-mold compound.......

 ETSimple film production process 

Mold preheat forming (preheat at 45~60℃ first, keep the cavity clean, open the middle plate mold and the upper plate mold at the same time

→Place the film (place the composite film flat on the lower die holder)

→Fix the composite film (press the middle plate mold down on the lower mold seat,and utilize snap-fit components,Buckle the plate mold,and confirm the composite membrane,is tightly fitted to the lower mold)

→Vacuum suction (contact the vacuum suction pad,Vacuum inlet of lower die holder,and turn on the suction device,At this time, the composite film will be absorbed by vacuum,and close to the lower cavity)

→Inject PU glue (in the lower cavity,Inject an appropriate amount of PU STEP glue,Put down the upper die holder,And use the buckle component to buckle)

→ Take out the finished product and trim the edge (after the PU glue reaction is completed,plate buckle assembly,Open the upper die holder and the middle die respectively,Take out the finished product and trim it, complete)

In-mold composite film application products:


 ETMembrane-Product Application 

ETMembrane-Process Introduction

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